Annual Report 2022
Annual Report

Message from the CEO

‘The year will go on record as the year in which we were confronted by major changes: social as well as economic. In view of this, we have had to adapt our existing perceptions to a new reality.’ Those were the opening sentences of our 2009 Annual Report. But it could serve just as well as the start of this report. One thing is certain: change is a constant.'

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a.s.r helps customers share risks and accumulate capital for later. The sustainable solutions a.s.r. offers, take into account the interests of people, environment, society and future generations.

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Key figures

At a glance

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Gross written premiums

(In € millions)


2021: 5,859

Net Promoter Score (NPS-r)

(-100 to +100)


2021: -7

Combined ratio P&C & Disability

(in %)


2021: 91.8

Carbon footprint own assets

(% reduction compared to baseline)


2021: 56

IFRS net result

(In € millions)


2021: 942

Impact investments

(In € billion)


2021: 2.5

Operating result

(in € million)


2021: 1,009

Employee engagement



2021: 91

Total equity

(in € million)


2021: 7,385

Sustainable reputation

(in %)


2021: 36

Total assets

(in € billion)


2021: 75.0

Solvency II ratio

(standard formula, in %)


2021: 196

Operating return on equity

(in %)


2021: 16.3


Delivering sustainable value for all stakeholders

Climate Report 2022

Climate change and energy transition are one of the three core themes in a.s.r.'s sustainability policy. a.s.r. aims to reduce its carbon footprint and invests in activities that support the energy transition. In the Climate report 2022, a.s.r. discloses its policy, objectives, activities, performance and its climate risks. In addition, the report provides a clear picture of how a.s.r. is committed to combatting climate change, by reducing carbon emissions, by helping its customers to protect themselves against climate related risks and by promoting the energy transition.

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