Annual Report 2022
Property, plant and equipment

See accounting policies U and BB.

Property, plant and equipment
31 December 202231 December 2021
Land and buildings for own use115145
Property, plant and equipment owned618502
Right-of-use assets6154
Total property, plant and equipment679556
Changes in property, plant and equipment
Land and buildings held for own usePlantEquipmentRight-of-use assetsTotal 2022Total 2021
At 1 January1453322554556198
Transfer to Investment property-18----18-
Revaluations through profit or loss--5---5-
Revaluations through equity-821--13-7
Other changes--7--1-9-2
Changes in the composition of the group-----1
At 31 December1154802461679556
Gross carrying amount as at 31 December2224985881859705
Accumulated depreciation as at 31 December-108-18-34-20-180-149
Net carrying value as at 31 December1154802461679556
Revaluation surplus
At 1 January38---3845
Revaluation in the year-821--13-7
At 31 December3021--5038

Additions mainly relate to the acquisition of wind farms Jaap Rodenburg, Nieuwe Hemweg and Strekdammen and solar park Pesse as part of the strategy to invest more in renewable energy, see chapter 6.4.5.

Depreciation of land and buildings held for own use, equipment and right-of-use assets is recorded in the operating expenses, see chapter 6.6.8. Depreciation of plant is recorded in the other expenses, see chapter 6.6.11.

The fair values of land and buildings for own use and plant are based on external valuations and is disclosed in chapter

Property, plant and equipment consists mainly of assets expected to have a useful life of more than one year after the balance sheet date.