Annual Report 2022

See accounting policy MM.

Summary of impairments
Intangible assets--9
Associates and joint ventures-1-
Investments available for sale-110-13
Loans and receivables17-1
Total impairments-95-22
Changes in impairments of investments available for sale
Reversal of impairments on bonds23-
Reversal of impairments on collateralised debt obligations-3
Total changes in impairments of investments available for sale-110-13

The impairment on intangible assets in 2021 is related to the partial impairment of goodwill in the Distribution and Services segment (-9 million).

The increase of impairments on equities available for sale is partly due to a decrease of share prices on the stock market, partly due to revaluations of participations in fixed income and mortgage funds driven by increasing market interest rates.