Annual Report 2022
Loans and receivables

See accounting policy H.

Loans and receivables measured at amortised cost
31 December 202231 December 2021
Government and public sector221223
Mortgage loans10,3709,991
Other loans1,7231,253
Total due from customers12,31411,468
Specific credit risks-7-7
Due from customers12,30711,461
Due from credit institutions - Interest bearing deposits36139
Due from credit institutions - Loans and advances2,6282,797
Due from credit institutions - Other1,63291
Total due from credit institutions4,2963,027
Specific credit risks-37-56
Due from credit institutions4,2592,971
Due from policyholders13375
Due from intermediaries6589
Reinsurance receivables6383
Due from Health Insurance Fund70148
Other receivables301459
Total trade and other receivables632853
Specific credit risks-27-25
Trade and other receivables605827
Total loans and receivables17,17115,259

The total amount due from credit institutions of 4,296 million (2021: 3,027 million) mainly increased due to paid cash collateral. Total due from credit institutions consists for 2,233 million (2021: 2,462 million) of savings-linked mortgage loans.

The claim related to cash collateral paid on derivative instruments, included in total due from credit institutions, amounts to 1,632 million (2021: 91 million).

Based on their contractual maturity, an amount of 15,023 million (2021: 14,368 million) of the loans and receivables is expected to be recovered after more than one year after the balance sheet date.

For information regarding the fair value, see chapter

Changes in impairments of loans and receivables
At 1 January-89-90
Increase in impairment through profit and loss-10-15
Reversal of impairment through profit and loss2714
Reversal of impairment due to disposal12
At 31 December-71-89