Annual Report 2022
Distribution and Services


Developments in the distribution sector in 2022 show that the distribution landscape remains fluid. Ongoing consolidation and growth of larger distribution companies remain the key developments in this market. The general trend is that larger distribution companies are gaining market share based on both organic and non-organic growth; the top 50 distribution companies have increased their share within the overall distribution landscape. Hybrid distribution models of insurance products also continue to exist. a.s.r. is adapting to these developments in order to facilitate the independent intermediary channel.

Strategy and achievements

The D&S business, combined with organic growth from the distribution businesses acquired in previous years, strengthened a.s.r.’s market share in the distribution landscape. The business activities of these distribution companies grew compared with the corresponding period in 2021.

From 1 January 2022, responsibility for the distribution and service entities resides with the new top holding company Distribution and Services Holding B.V. This top holding directs and coordinates with (the management of) the businesses. All companies under this top holding are working to realise a.s.r.’s strategy and ambition to be a major player in the Dutch distribution market and in key sectors.

Van Kampen Groep

Van Kampen Groep (VKG) is one of the major full-service providers on the Dutch market. It provides financial advisers with access to the widest possible range of financial services, combined with quick and efficient handling. Regardless of whether the customer is a retail or business client, VKG offers a solution for every financial issue, including tailor-made policies in some cases. In 2022, VKG grew through the acquisition of portfolios, mandated agents and participations in a number of advisers, as part of its growth strategy.

Dutch ID

Dutch ID’s activities (Boval and Felison brands) are based on its mission: to let businesses conduct business. This is reflected in the sectoral service strategy, in which industry, trade and customer knowledge is used to provide the best possible service to SMEs. This is implemented in conjunction with (sectoral) organisations such as the Netherlands Agricultural and Horticultural Association (LTO Nederland), evofenedex and the Dutch Transport Operators’ Association (Transport en Logistiek Nederland). a.s.r.’s mission is also reflected in the service strategy, which is designed to enable the Dutch insurance market to get the best out of itself and the market. To meet these strategic objectives, Dutch ID plays an active role in the changing field of service provision, technological development and views on the insurance chain. Owing to its versatility and flexibility, Dutch ID has built a strong position as a service provider in this playing field.


SuperGarant was originally a specialist for SME businesses in the retail market. Close cooperation with industry and franchise organisations plays an important role in the market-based approach. The aim of SuperGarant’s services is to allow businesses to focus on their core business as much as possible. SuperGarant operates as an adviser and underwriting agent, offering services based around four main themes: insurance, absence management, other services and training. In recent years, SuperGarant’s operations have been dominated by acquisitions, with the aim of creating a set of companies that continue to grow as specialists for select customer groups.


ANAC is a service provider specialising in back-office services to insurance intermediaries and claim handling for car dealerships. In 2022, ANAC merged with VKG in order to maintain sufficient scale to provide optimal support to its customers.


Poliservice B.V. is a financial services provider with private and corporate customers throughout the Netherlands. These services consist mainly of advising and mediating in insurance, savings, income & pension and mortgages.

Outlook for 2023

In 2023, D&S will focus on implementing the strategy developed in 2022. D&S expects to increase market share through two spearheads. Firstly, by taking over (parts of) portfolios through acquisitions. Secondly, by expanding existing portfolios at the present entities through commercial activities.

Synergy between the entities will also be further strengthened, making the overall service more effective and efficient. This will be achieved in part through concerted efforts with regard to joint activities, knowledge-sharing and the creation of a single IT landscape.

The expected business combination with Aegon Nederland N.V. will have impact on D&S during 2023. For information about the proposed business combination, please refer to At a glance.