Annual Report 2022
Business portfolio

a.s.r. operates solely in the Dutch market. The five biggest insurers (Achmea, Aegon, a.s.r., Athora and NN Group) hold a joint share of 76% (2020: 75%) of this mature market, based on the gross written premiums (GWP) in 20211. In 2021, a.s.r.’s market share amounted to 17.1% (2020: 16.6%) of the insurance market excluding health insurance.

The organisation of a.s.r. consists of five business segments. All insurance activities are represented in the Life and Non-life segments. In addition to life insurance, the Life segment includes the product lines pensions and funeral insurance. The Non-life segment covers traditional non-life, income protection and medical insurance as product lines. The remainder of a.s.r.’s business segments are Asset Management, Distribution and Services, and Holding and Other.

a.s.r. has divided its business portfolio into three categories:

  1. Business domains in Non-life with stable cash flow and growth potential;

  2. Fee-based business with growth potential;

  3. Robust and predictable service books, with a substantial contribution to the profitability of a.s.r.

  • 1Source: Market shares DNB 2021. Market shares in 2022 were not available at the time of the publication of this Annual Report.