Annual Report 2022
Consolidated income statement
Consolidated income statement for the year ended 31 December
(in millions)Note20222021
Gross written premiums6.6.16,0415,859
Change in provision for unearned premiums-416
Gross insurance premiums6,0375,875
Reinsurance premiums-114-99
Net insurance premiums5,9235,777
Investment income6.6.21,7321,571
Realised gains and losses6.6.3-288490
Fair value gains and losses6.6.438110
Result on investments on behalf of policyholders-1,9431,636
Result on investments related to investment contracts-351185
Fee and commission income6.6.5247204
Other income6.6.614456
Share of result of associates and joint ventures-39
Total income5,50010,036
Insurance claims and benefits-2,984-6,846
Insurance claims and benefits recovered from reinsurers6429
Net insurance claims and benefits6.6.7-2,919-6,817
Changes in liabilities arising from investment contracts351-185
Operating expenses6.6.8-779-725
Restructuring provision expenses-4-4
Commission expenses-589-526
Interest expense6.6.10-447-362
Other expenses6.6.11-90-186
Total expenses-1,652-2,010
Result before tax9291,209
Income tax (expense) / gain6.6.12-204-270
Net result725939
Attributable to:
Non-controlling interests-8-3
- Shareholders of the parent685894
- Holders of other equity instruments4848
Result attributable to holders of equity instruments733942

The numbers following the line items refer to the relevant chapters in the notes.

Earnings per share
(in €)Note20222021
Basic earnings per ordinary share6.
Diluted earnings per ordinary share6.5.134.425.77