Annual Report 2022
Business domains in Non-life with stable cash flow and growth potential

In the Non-life segment, a.s.r. focuses on continuous growth, both organically and inorganically, and on retaining a strong combined ratio through excellence in pricing, underwriting and claims management.

The ability for creating value and growing profitably in Non-life is underpinned by the following capabilities of a.s.r.:

  • Insurance expertise, i.e. its underwriting skills, acceptance, risk selection and pricing, supported by advanced data analytics capabilities;

  • Excellent claims management, disciplined (insourced) claims handling and limited volatility in large claims ratio due to risk appetite and reinsurance;

  • Leading position in the intermediary channel and its in-house distributors and service providers;

  • Organic growth with a strong combined ratio (COR);

  • Scalable and cost effective operations with a single Information Technology (IT) platform per business line.

Property & Casualty

a.s.r. has a top-3 position in the Dutch Property & Casualty (P&C) market, predominantly in car and fire insurance. In P&C, a.s.r. expects to gain market share at the targeted COR, with a particular focus on the SME market. Expansion in P&C through inorganic growth is also pursued when opportunities arise. Its cost-efficient operations strenghtens a.s.r.'s profitable top-3 position. The distribution partners play an important role in achieving organic growth.


a.s.r. has a leading position in disability insurance. It has an extensive range of products and services focusing on sustainable employability and on preventing and reducing absenteeism. A large network of specialist intermediaries and in-house service teams with extensive knowledge of the disability insurance market help clients meeting their specific needs. Prevention, treatment and reintegration services assist employers, employees and self-employed individuals with sustainable employability. For example, a.s.r.’s science-based behaviour change programme (a.s.r. Vitality) helps to improve customers’ health well-being.


a.s.r. offers basic medical insurance under the Nederlandse Zorgverzekeringswet (Dutch Health Insurance Act) in combination with supplementary medical insurance and long-term medical care cover. In 2022, a.s.r. was the sixth largest provider of medical insurance on the Dutch market, measured by number of customers.

By shifting the focus from reactive to preventive service provision, a.s.r. supports customers to manage their health more effectively and to reduce medical costs.