Annual Report 2022
Political engagement

a.s.r. takes part in open dialogues with political representatives and with its stakeholders. To this end, it holds meetings with government bodies, financial institutions and socially relevant organisations on an ongoing basis to explore societal issues. In view of the challenges that society as a whole is faced with, a.s.r. believes it is vital to cooperate with governmental organisations and institutions to identify sustainable solutions. a.s.r. engages itself in political lobbies as part of the democratic process and contributes its expertise and knowledge to support policy development. Public Affairs of a.s.r. monitors legislative and regulatory developments while providing appropriate answers in its political contacts. In 2022, a.s.r updated the Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) on the effects of the new forthcoming pension reform on insurers. This topic has attracted considerable attention in political circles over the past year. The same applies to reputation-sensitive files such as damage to the climate, sustainability and the associated investment policy. Discussions with members of the Tweede Kamer enable the transfer of knowledge.

a.s.r. ensures that all public affairs, lobbying and political network activities are carried out in line with the Code of Conduct of the Dutch Association for Public Affairs (Beroepsvereniging voor Public Affairs; BVPA), which is a minimum obligatory standard governing contacts with representatives from politics, the private sector and society. Through the BVPA, a.s.r. is a co-signatory to the EU Transparency Code of Conduct. a.s.r. supports the operational entities in relation to regulatory and political strategies and monitors developments in these areas. a.s.r. is committed to democracy and wishes to play a neutral yet substantive role in this. a.s.r. therefore does not support political parties financially in any way whatsoever.

The total of annual monetary contributions made and expenditures incurred with regard to its trade association, the Verbond van Verzekeraars, in 2022 is 2,460,000 (2021: 2,605,000). a.s.r. also makes an annual contribution of 50,000 to the Dutch Association of Institutional Property Investors (Vereniging van Institutionele Beleggers in Vastgoed Nederland; IVBN). The contribution policy of the Verbond van Verzekeraars is based on the gross premium income for the business segment Non-life and product line Individual life. The contribution rate for Life (excluding Individual life) is based on technical provisions. This rate fell in 2022, resulting in a reduced contribution to the Verbond van Verzekeraars compared with 2021.