Annual Report 2022

The remuneration policy consists of:

  • A fixed salary within a salary scale (no variable remuneration system);

  • Executive Board (EB) members progress through the scales in the same way as a.s.r. employees.

The remuneration policy was approved in the AGM in 2019 and will be up for vote again at the AGM in May 2023. This remuneration policy pertains to the remuneration of the EB and the Supervisory Board (SB). In 2022, the remuneration report was submitted for an advisory vote at the AGM. 97.99% of the votes were in favour of the report, compared to 90.14% in 2021, demonstrating the broad support for a.s.r.’s remuneration policy. The SB reviews and evaluates the remuneration policy regularly. In 2022, in preparation of the proposal that will be put forward at the AGM in May 2023, a comprehensive analysis was undertaken of the remuneration policy and executive remuneration, taking into account the views of a.s.r.’s key stakeholders such as shareholders, customers and employees. The analysis included a review of remuneration of EB members in relation to the policy, companies in a.s.r.’s reference group and all a.s.r.’s employees. Based on the results of this analysis and the dialogue within the Remuneration Committee and the SB, a proposal for an updated remuneration policy will be put to a vote at the 2023 AGM. The AGM will take place on 31 May 2023 and the convocation for the AGM will be published on 11 April 2023.

a.s.r. is of the opinion that it meets the requirements of the Shareholder Rights Directive II (as incorporated into Dutch law) in so far as these apply to a.s.r. The current remuneration policy was adopted by more than 75% of the votes cast. The remuneration policy is clear and comprehensible. The remuneration policy explains how it contributes to a.s.r.’s strategy, sustainability and the interests of stakeholders. The identity and positioning of a.s.r. and the remuneration relationships within a.s.r. were taken into account, by providing a framework for the four perspectives: the organisational perspective, the internal perspective, the external perspective and the stakeholder perspective. The 2022 Remuneration Report will be submitted to the AGM for advice.