Annual Report 2022
Operational risk

Operational risk concerns the risk of direct and / or indirect losses which can occur within a.s.r. as a result of inadequate or failing (changing) internal processes, people, systems and/or as a result of external events. Operational risks occurred are most times being caused by the failure of processes, people, systems, external events or a combination of these factors.

Operational risk - required capital
31 December 202231 December 2021
SCR operational risk - required capital200249

The SCR for operational risk amounts to 200 million at the end of 2022 (2021: 249 million) and is determined with the standard formula under Solvency II. The operational risk is based on the basic SCR, the volumes of premiums and technical provisions, and the amount of expenses.

Operational risk slightly lower mainly as a result of driven by lower best estimate liabilities due to the increased interest rates in 2022.