2023 annual report
Annual Report

'I take pride in the fact that during this year, in which a great deal of time was devoted to the integration with Aegon Nederland, we were also able to further realise the a.s.r. growth strategy.'

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The story of a.s.r.


Key figures


Premiums and DC volume(in million)8,8252022: 6,510
Dividend per share(in €)2.892022: 2.70
Operating result(in million)1,1172022: 805
Total assets(in billion)115.82022: 74.0
Operating return on equity(in %)12.42022: 10.6

Combined ratio P&C & Disabilty

(In %)

Solvency II Ratio

(In %)

Total equity

(in million)


Net Promoter Score (NPS-r)(-100 to 100)-72022: -11
Carbon footprint own assets(% reduction)692022: 65
Impact investments(in billion)4.02022: 2.9
Employee engagement(in percentile)892022: 88
Sustainable reputation(in %)392022: 37

Climate and Biodiversity Report

Climate and Biodiversity Report Sustainable living is one of the three core strategic themes of a.s.r.'s sustainability strategy. In the Climate and biodiversity report 2023, a.s.r. discloses its strategy, objectives, activities, performance and its risks. In addition, the report provides a clear picture of how a.s.r. is committed to combatting climate change, by reducing carbon emissions, by helping its customers to protect themselves against climate related risks and by promoting the energy transition. Furthermore, the report also details the importance of biodiversity and how a.s.r. measures its risks and opportunities in relation to biodiversity.

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