Annual Report 2021
Additional information
Responsible investor indicators
Asset management
Assets under management in SRI funds and mandates (end of period) (in %)100100100100100
Impact investing (billion)2.50711.6960.9270.3460.3
  • 1 This indicator has been part of reasonable assurance.
Engagement dialogues
In numbers20212020201920182017
Participation in engagement dialogues via Robeco9159911
Participation in engagement dialogues on specific topics23141312NA
Total engagement dialogues3229222111
Screened companies excluded due to
In numbers20212020201920182017
Human rights violations47763
Labour rights violations-2323
Environmental violations1087136
Tar sands and shale oil1-85410
Coal-fired electricity generation381113NANA
Nuclear energy-related activities1110895
Unconventional oil and gas72NANANANA
Total number of exclusions2415249271240253
  • 1 In 2021 a.s.r. expanded its fossil fuels exclusion policy. The category ‘unconventional oil and gas’ replaces ‘tar sands and shale oil’. Unconventional oil and gas includes tar / oil sands, oil shale (kerogen-rich deposits), shale gas, shale oil, coal seam gas, coal bed methane as well as Arctic onshore / offshore.
  • 2 Includes doublecounts due to the fact that some companies are excluded on more than one criteria.
GRESB Real Estate and Debt Assessment Scores
ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund8884848072
ASR Dutch Prime Retail Fund8378767266
ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund92847770NA
ASR Dutch Science Park Fund72NANANANA