Annual Report 2021
Sustainable value creation
Prevention of payment problems

a.s.r. makes considerable efforts to ensure that customers are financially self-reliant. This is consistent with its core values. a.s.r. aims to reduce the number of customer cancellations due to payment arrears and problems. It also works to reduce situations in which customers face cost-increasing measures. The aim in all cases is to avoid default.

a.s.r. has implemented the Protocol bij betalingsachterstanden (Payment Arrears Protocol) of the Verbond van Verzekeraars. Within a.s.r., it is a criterion for dealing with customers. A working group shares relevant market information and exchanges examples of successful business practices. This results in better coordination of customer processes and also enables a.s.r. to provide better customer service.

For some years already, a.s.r. has been a member of a group of companies united in the Schuldeiserscoalitie (Creditors Coalition) that proactively works to find solutions for customers with payment arrears. Through the membership of this coalition, a.s.r. shares experiences and learns from the experience of companies in other sectors.

a.s.r. has contracted a membership agreement with the Nederlandse Schuldhulproute (Dutch Debt Assistance Route (NSR)). The NSR is working on a central debt assistance route via various activities. One of these activities is, which focuses on effective referral (also a point for attention in the protocol). At P&C and Disability, a pilot project was launched in which customers could be referred to This website gives people insight into their financial situation through a simple online test. The anonymous test offers people targeted help in getting or keeping their finances in order, from debt prevention to debt assistance. is a national initiative in which people are offered help at a local level. During the pilot period, about 500 a.s.r. customers were referred to At the end of 2021 a.s.r. agreed with the NSR that will be further implemented within a.s.r.

Measures taken to help customers avoid or solve payment problems included:

  • Funeral increasingly manages payments arrears itself, e.g. through greater control of assignments given to collection agencies and by calling customers who do not agree with a direct debit (reverse entry) on a daily basis.

  • Disability employees followed a telephone training giving them additional guidelines for making money problems open to discussion in meetings with customers.

  • After a third warning, Disability always contacts the advisor again before sending a dossier to a collection agency, with the aim of helping the customers themselves as far as possible.

These measures are part of the special protocols for collection procedures, aimed to reduce situations in which customers face cost-increasing measures. a.s.r. always tries to keep an eye on the customer's situation.

In Motion

The world is constantly changing. It is therefore important that a.s.r. and its employees are and remain in motion, too. Through In Motion, a.s.r. inspires, motivates and mobilises employees to get the best out of themselves, thereby contributing to a healthy organisation. In Motion’s constantly changing range is based on four pillars:

  • My personal development (personal and professional growth)

  • My health (for physical and mental fitness in a healthy work environment)

  • My work-life balance (a good balance in every phase of life)

  • My social commitment (helping by doing)

For example, Latifa Amsallam (see photo on the right), a non-life underwriter, trained to be a driving instructor, Gert Kats is a training actor in addition to his job as non-life desk account manager, and HR manager Annette Pannekoek supports young ambitious women of the Young Lady Business Academy in their choices during or after their studies.