Annual Report 2021
Financial statements
Gross insurance premiums

See accounting policy CC.

Composition of gross insurance premiums
Non-life insurance contracts – gross earned premiums4,1383,665
Life insurance contracts retained exposure696723
Life insurance contracts on behalf of policyholders1,042913
Total life insurance contracts1,7381,635
Total gross insurance premiums5,8755,300

The table below provides an overview of total gross earned non-life insurance premiums.

Gross insurance premiums Non-life
Gross premiums written4,1213,641
Changes in provisions for unearned premiums1624
Gross insurance premiums4,1383,665
Non-recurring and regular life insurance premiums
Retained exposure Group
Non-recurring premiums written12995
Periodic premiums written112124
Group total242219
Retained exposure Individual
Non-recurring premiums written2033
Periodic premiums written434471
Individual total454504
Total contracts retained exposure696723
On behalf of policyholders Group
Non-recurring premiums written194173
Periodic premiums written661558
Group total855731
On behalf of policyholders Individual
Non-recurring premiums written5510
Periodic premiums written133172
Individual total187182
Total contracts on behalf of policyholders1,042913
Total life insurance contracts1,7381,635

A total amount of 157 million (2020: 177 million) has been eliminated in the consolidation process and is therefore not included in the gross insurance premiums. This relates to the a.s.r. post-employment benefit plans of 140 million (2020: 163 million), investment fees of 15 million (2020: 12 million) and disability premiums of 2 million (2020: 2 million).