Annual Report 2021
Financial statements
Operating expenses

See accounting policy KK.

Operating expenses
Salaries and wages-292-273
Social security contributions-37-35
Employee benefit charges-58-72
Employee discounts-3-3
Other short term employee benefits-6-8
Total cost of internal staff-396-391
Cost of external staff-83-88
Consultancy costs and fees-110-100
Marketing, advertising and public relations expenses-20-15
Technology and system costs-63-57
Amortisation of other intangible assets-10-8
Depreciation of property, plant and equipment-19-16
Other operating expenses-24-26
Total other operating expenses-329-310
Total operating expenses-725-701

The increase in total operating expenses is primarily a result of various acquisitions (see chapter 6.4.5) and organic growth, partly offset by lower costs of the new post-employment DC pensions plan (see chapter

Other operating expenses include travel and subsistence, telephone and personnel training expenses.

Segmentation of a.s.r.'s internal workforce
Asset Management373347
Distribution and Services706680
Holding and Other1,0751,027
Total workforce in FTE4,1554,042

The increase of a.s.r.'s total internal work force is mainly the result of the acquisition of Brand New Day IORP (see chapter 6.4.5) and more IT&C capacity for change projects.

Employees related to administrative activities and overhead are allocated to segment Holding and Other.