Annual Report 2021
Financial statements
Realised gains and losses

See accounting policy EE.

Realised gains and losses per category
Associates and joint ventures at equity method
- Realised gains33-
Investments available for sale
Fixed-income securities
- Realised gains261242
- Realised losses-10-3
- Realised gains186158
- Realised losses-9-10
Loans and receivables
- Realised gains2810
Total realised gains and losses490396

Realised gains on associates and joint ventures at equity method mainly relates to the step up acquisition of Brand New Day IORP, see chapter 6.4.5. Realised gains on loans and receivables mainly relate to a.s.r. mortgages sold to external parties.

Reversal of impairments on fixed-income securities, including loans and receivables, as a result of disposal amounts to 57 million (2020: 9 million).