Annual Report 2021
Sustainable value creation
Role in society

As a financial service provider, a.s.r. believes it is important for all people to have financial continuity and the ability to take risks responsibly. This means they can make conscious financial choices, so that they can keep their finances in order in the long and short-term. So that they can be financially self-reliant.

Some people do not find this easy and need help. The core products of a.s.r. already assist customers in this way, but additionally a.s.r. initiates projects which help all people to make conscious financial choices. Numeracy and literacy and the ability to manage money and keep good financial records are all part of this. It is a.s.r.’s aim to prevent people getting into debt, or to help them resolve it. Given the considerable debt burden that one in five households in the Netherlands has to contend with, there is a clear need for this.