Annual Report 2021
Financial statements
Investment income

See accounting policy DD.

Breakdown of investment income per category
Interest income from receivables due from credit institutions110124
Interest income from investments331339
Interest income from amounts due from customers278258
Interest income from derivatives574507
Other interest income5454
Interest income1,3471,282
Dividend on equities7860
Dividend on real estate equity funds5863
Dividend on mortgage equity funds2120
Rentals from investment property6460
Other investment income34
Dividend and other investment income224206
Total Investment income1,5711,488

The effective interest method has been applied to an amount of 715 million (2020: 719 million) of the interest income from financial assets not classified at fair value through profit or loss. Included within interest income is 4 million (2020: 5 million) of interest received on impaired fixed-income securities.

The COVID-19 developments led to lower dividends received from real estate equity funds mainly due to lower rental income from retail property. Dividend income on equities have recovered from the COVID-19 impact shown in prior year.