Annual Report 2021
Sustainable value creation
Sustainable employer

Employees are the most important factor for the successful implementation of a.s.r.’s strategy and long-term value creation. As described in chapter 2.2, customers and society benefit from the service, expertise, positive attitude and social engagement of a.s.r. employees. The employees abide by the organisation’s core values, which set out the basic approach and are used as a behavioural compass. These core values are: I’m helpful, I think ahead and I act decisively.

The impact of COVID-19

As in 2020, 2021 was largely dominated by COVID-19. a.s.r. employees predominantly worked from home until the summer. During this period, a.s.r. devoted close attention to vitality and the work-life balance. From May onwards, there was limited scope to work at the office again occasionally. In the summer, frameworks were drawn up for the return to the office. The results of a survey of work preferences among employees were taken into account in this context. Further details on this are presented in chapter 3.3.2. On 25 September 2021, a.s.r. expanded its rules for access to the office and all workplaces became available again. In response to the fourth wave of infections and in line with government advice, all employees worked from home from 15 November till 31 December 2021; the a.s.r. offices were only open for necessary work.

HR related indicators

The external auditor performed a review of the HR related indicators in this Annual Report, all HR related indicators were audited with a reasonable level of assurance. The data in this chapter is excluding Van Kampen Groep, Dutch ID (Felison and Boval), Corins, SuperGarant, ANAC and Poliservice, except for the total figure of FTEs.