Annual Report 2021
Sustainable value creation
Carbon footprint own operations

Emissions a.s.r.

(in %)


compared to 2020

Emissions a.s.r.

(in %)


compared to 2020

The pursuit of climate-neutral operations is part of the a.s.r. strategy. COVID-19 has had a significant positive impact on the CO2e footprint of a.s.r.'s own operations, which means that the target for both KPIs was met in 2021, just as in 2020.

a.s.r. actively manages waste, mobility, energy consumption and CO2e emissions to minimise its impact on the environment. a.s.r. focuses particularly on the two levels of its CO2e footprint:

  • Indirect footprint as a result of investment activities (see chapter 3.2 and the Climate report 2021).

  • Direct footprint resulting from own operations, as explained below.

a.s.r.’s target is to reduce direct CO2e emissions by 50% in 2025 compared to the base year 2018. To achieve this, a.s.r. constantly aims to reduce emissions. The remaining emissions are offset by purchasing certificates with the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCB).

Approximately 92% of all 4,155 FTEs work from the head office in Utrecht, this is 3,823 FTE. a.s.r. has a total of 100,302 m2 of office space in use, of which the head office represents the major share of 92%. This makes the head office and its employees the most material part of a.s.r.’s direct footprint. The figures in the following table are based on a.s.r.’s head office.

Emissions of a.s.r.'s own activities123
Category of carbon emissionsin %tCO2ein %tCO2e
Scope 1
Fuel and heat0.230.38
Business travel as a result of lease car fleet43.174840.81,113
Scope 24
Scope 3
Business travel excluding lease car fleet3.3573.287
Commuter travel48.083351.61,408
  • 1 12% of the a.s.r. head office has been sublet since mid-2020. The energy consumption of a.s.r. does include the consumption of the subtenant.
  • 2 The figures are based on a.s.r.'s head office (91,912 m2 gross floor area). The offices in Enschede (1,830 m2 gross floor area), Rotterdam (approx.1,000 m2 gross floor area of office space and 3,900 m2 gross floor area of archives), Heerlen (2,815 m2 gross floor area) and Hoorn (3,745 m2 gross floor area) are not included.
  • 3 According to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
  • 4 Based on the market-based approach.

Scope 1

At a.s.r., emissions from fuel and heat, cooling and from leased cars fall under scope 1.

In 2021, a.s.r.’s business travel was affected by the measures taken in relation to COVID-19 and as a result of changes within the lease car fleet. Both the increase in the number of electric and hybrid cars and improved fuel efficiency contributed positively to lower emissions from the overall fleet. Per 1 January 2021 all new lease cars are 100% electric. The a.s.r. head office in Utrecht has been fully carbon neutral since 2019 and also no longer uses gas since mid-2019.

Scope 2

The emissions from electricity consumption fall under scope 2.

Scope 2 emissions remained at zero because all electricity consumed was carbon neutral. The vast majority of this electricity is generated by Danish wind turbines. As in previous years, a.s.r. generated part of its electricity itself using solar cells. In 2021, solar panels were installed above the a.s.r. parking deck, generating already 385,000 kWh in 2021.

Scope 3

Emissions from mobility - excluding Scope 1 mobility (lease cars) - and waste fall under scope 3.

Partly due to COVID-19, emissions were reduced by 992 tonnes (-36%) of CO2e equivalent in 2021. Compared to 2018 the Scope 3 emissions decreased with 4,776 tonnes, the planned savings of 50% for the 2018-2025 period were as such already largely achieved in 2021. What the post-COVID-19 period will look like is uncertain. a.s.r. believes that mobility patterns will change permanently after 2021 and that employees will work from home more often.

Trees for All

a.s.r. overcompensated the emissions resulting from activities falling under scope 1, 2 and 3, expressed in tonnes of CO2e equivalent, by planting trees1 with 200% (3,472 tonnes compensation).

Energy use

In 2021, the head office consumed approximately 51 kWh (scope 2) of purchased energy per m2 (gross floor area) (2020: 49). If a.s.r. wants to meet the Paris Agreement targets for its head office, it must continue to limit its purchased energy consumption for the head office to 50 kWh/m2 gross floor area by 2050 at the latest. a.s.r. has set a target for 2030 to reach this 50 kWh/m2 of gross floor area. This indicator is measured according to the Dutch Green Building Council definition.

  • 1The Trees for All foundation is responsible for sustainable CO2e sequestration in certified sustainable forest projects. CO2e compensation for a.s.r. took place in 2021 through the Kibale Forest project in Uganda. The planting of forest increased the habitat of wildlife and contributed to the protection of primary forests. This form of compensation has also made a positive contribution to the climate. In 2021, a.s.r. planted a total of 17,360 trees as part of the Kibale Forest project in Uganda.