Annual Report 2021
Financial statements
Consolidated balance sheet
Consolidated balance sheet
(in millions and before profit appropriation)Note31 December 202131 December 2020
Intangible assets6.5.1428345
Property, plant and equipment6.5.2556198
Investment property6.5.32,0521,973
Associates and joint ventures at equity method6.5.4102101
Investments on behalf of policyholders6.5.611,57410,154
Investments related to investment contracts6.5.71,952-
Loans and receivables6.5.815,25914,370
Deferred tax assets6.5.10-177
Reinsurance contracts6.5.15417483
Other assets6.5.11631720
Cash and cash equivalents6.5.122,3062,846
Assets held for sale-18
Total assets75,04077,151
Share capital6.5.132223
Share premium reserve956976
Unrealised gains and losses6.5.131,4611,137
Actuarial gains and losses6.5.13-1,055-1,253
Retained earnings5,0614,509
Treasury shares6.5.13-83-82
Equity attributable to shareholders6,3635,309
Other equity instruments6.5.131,0041,004
Equity attributable to holders of equity instruments7,3666,313
Non-controlling interests18-
Total equity7,3856,313
Subordinated liabilities6.5.14992991
Liabilities arising from insurance contracts6.5.1537,79741,460
Liabilities arising from insurance contracts on behalf of policyholders6.5.1514,56613,137
Liabilities arising from investment contracts6.5.161,952-
Employee benefits6.5.174,0134,253
Deferred tax liabilities6.5.1069-
Due to customers6.5.20573553
Due to banks6.5.215,7417,996
Other liabilities6.5.22976951
Total liabilities67,65570,838
Total equity and liabilities75,04077,151

The numbers following the line items refer to the relevant chapters in the notes.