Annual Report 2021
Annual Report 2021
Dit is de tijd van doen.

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In the event of any differences or inconsistencies between the text and quantitative information on this internet site and that in the original Annual Report, including the audited financial statements, as filed at the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce, the latter shall prevail.

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Message from the CEO

Looking back on the past year and on 2020, the year in which the world fell into the grip of COVID-19, I am satisfied with how we at a.s.r. have addressed this. We succeeded in realising excellent results for 2021, to which all our business lines made a positive contribution. This is because, with confidence in our own strengths and abilities, we were able to hold on to our strategy. This is based on long-term value creation for our stakeholders, with clear goals for what we want to achieve, both financially and in terms of sustainability.

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At a glance

Net Promoter Score (NPS-c)

(-100 to +100)


2020: 49

Impact investing

(in € billion)


2020: 1.7

Carbon footprint

(in % of portfolio for own account)


2020: 93

Employee contribution to local society

(in hours)


2020: 4,398

Operating result

(in € million)


2020: 885

IFRS net result

(in € million)


2020: 657

Organic capital creation

(in € million)


2020: 500

Solvency II ratio

(standard formula, in %)


2020: 199

Climate report 2021

Climate change and energy transition is one of the three sustainable value creation themes. In the Climate report 2021, a.s.r. discloses its policy, objectives, activities, performance and its climate risks. In addition, the report provides a clear picture of how a.s.r. is committed to combatting climate change, by reducing carbon emissions, by helping its customers to protect themselves against climate related risks and by promoting the energy transition.

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